Fan Become Very Angry At Pippa Middleton Of Exposes Princess Kate’s Secret Against Her Wishes?

Kate Middleton has a list of secrets she refuses to share with the world

The late Queen Elizabeth II was an unapologetic fan of Kate Middleton’s chutney, which was often served to her as a breakfast table Christmas present at Sandringham.

Writing for the Daily Mail, royal author Ephraim Hardcastle claimed the Princess of Wales vehemently refused to divulge the secret family recipe of the savoury, even if it meant passing on requests for jar as charity donations.

It was her sister Pippa, who published the ingredients in a Diamond Jubilee book titled, Celebration, in an apparent betrayal to the future Queen of England.

It’s unclear whether she obtained permission from Kate to before unveiling the secret recipe.

As per the official list of ingredients, it includes a concoction of marrows, onions, apples, and stoned dates, hence getting the name, Granny’s Marrow Chutney.

In an opinion piece for My London in 2022, Amber-Louise Large divulged her experience of making the chutney to taste of the Queen, however, miserably failed to do so.

“’A gift fit for a Queen,’ I had imagined myself joking as I presented a homemade jar of marrow chutney to my in-laws just like the now-Princess of Wales. ‘Wow,’ they would respond. ‘You shouldn’t have,’” Large wrote at the time.


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