Andy Reid forgets retirement, The chiefs , Patrick mahomes, Travis Kelce will give him what he has been waiting for

NFL Slams Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid $100,000 fine for criticizing game officials

If you thought the Kansas City Chiefs were going to disappear after their back-to-back Super Bowl triumphs, think again.

Travis Kelce isn’t retiring and neither is coach Andy Reid, with ‘Big Red’ reportedly in talks to extend his contract with the franchise after a period of unprecedented success.

Patrick Mahomes is the best football player on the planet, but the supporting cast around him in key positions is as good as it gets.

Reid organizes an offense like no other, and he listens to input from inventive coaches and coordinators. There are no bad ideas in the Chiefs’ game-planning meetings and we often see the incredible results of that attitude on the field.

Despite being 65 years of age, Reid’s appetite for the game isn’t going anywhere, and you can understand why. It is so hard to put together a roster that is seen as Super Bowl favorites, so it’s hard to walk away when you have just that.

For years Reid struggled to find that perfect balance with the Philadelphia Eagles, losing in his one and only Super Bowl appearance, but in Kansas City he has achieved success beyond his wildest expectations.

Reid in line to become the highest-paid NFL coach

At a time when fellow veterans Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll have both taken their leave in the NFL, Reid’s experience is invaluable to a team like the Chiefs. He will be paid as such.

As reported by on Monday, Reid is in discussions with the Chiefs on a new deal that would elevate his salary above any other coach in the National Football League.

The report stated that it was part of the Chiefs’ efforts to continue their strong run through consistency, with general manager Brett Veach also being offered a new contract.

Relatively speaking, both Reid and Veach were understood to be rather underpaid. With the pair having last put pen to paper in 2020, it’s only natural that four years later the landscape of the league has changed somewhat.

Younger coaches are a hot commodity and teams want to tie them down. You do that with long-term contracts with a secure salary. As such, Reid has been overtaken by some with far less success and this was always going to be rectified once he communicated a desire to stay in coaching.


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