Breaking New :Kate Middleton Demoted By King Charles Amid break From Royal Duties

Princess Kate received a new honour from King Charles as she continues her preventative chemotherapy for an undisclosed form of cancer.

The Princess of Wales has been appointed Royal Companion of The Order of the Companions of Honour on Tuesday, April 23, by the 75-year-old monarch

However, royal blogger Gertrude Daly argued it was basically a demotion in ranks, noting the title is “one of the lowest orders” in the hierarchy of honours.

“Princess Kate is the first royal to receive this honour, which is very much an honour,” she claimed to the Daily Star. “But it is important to also recognise that the reason this honour was never given to other royals is because of how low it is. Royal usually receive much higher honours.”

“All of the other honours given out on Tuesday were among the highest honours you can receive. So, Princess Kate’s honour pales in comparison. And seems like a consolation prize,” Daly explained.

It comes as the mom of three is taking time away from royal duties to fully concetrate on her recovery from cancer.

The exact date of her return to the public eye is uncelar; however, royal watchers are hoping the princess would be well enough to attend Trooping The Colour in June.


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