Brittany Mahomes’ ‘desperate friendship texts’ with Taylor Swift mocked by satirical news outlet

Brittany Mahomes' 'desperate friendship texts' with Taylor Swift mocked by satirical news outlet

Football and music may seem like an unlikely combination, but for Brittany Mahomes and Taylor Swift, it has led to a flourishing friendship. The two have been spotted hanging out together on matchdays, supporting their significant others – Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. Their bond has grown stronger over time, with Brittany even spending time with Taylor’s friends outside of the NFL.

Their friendship recently received the ultimate seal of approval – a feature in the satirical news medium, The Onion. The article humorously portrays Brittany as an overeager friend, bombarding Taylor with texts asking to hang out. However, it’s clear that their actual relationship is far from that depiction

In fact, Taylor recently visited Brittany’s home in Kansas City, where the two couples spent time bonding together. This deeper connection was evident, with Taylor arriving earlier than Travis in his Rolls Royce Ghost. It seems that their friendship is only getting stronger, with rumors swirling that Taylor will be present at the upcoming game between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Packers head coach Matt LaFleur even added fuel to the fire, saying, “I have heard the singer will be present for the game.” It’s no surprise that Brittany is expected to accompany her new friend to Lambeau Field.

Despite The Onion’s satirical take on their friendship, it’s clear that Brittany and Taylor’s relationship is genuine. They have found common ground in supporting their partners and have formed a bond that extends beyond football and music.

Their friendship is a reminder that unexpected connections can often lead to the most meaningful relationships. As Taylor once said, “In high school, my girlfriends and I would drive up to the football game, and I’d be wearing a tutu and a tiara. It’s not that I was reliving my youth; I was trying to relive theirs.” It seems that she has found a way to do just that with Brittany and their shared love for football.


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