Brittany Mahomes makes unexpected revelation that shocks fans – “Amids challenges …”

Brittany Mahomes, wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, recently shared a sobering message with her followers after disclosing that she suffered a fractured back. The 28-year-old didn’t elaborate on the cause of her injury but has been on the move since her husband’s team clinched victory in Super Bowl LVIII in February.

“Just your daily reminder: Once you have kids please take care of your pelvic floor,” Brittany wrote on social media.

“Seriously. From: A girl with a fractured back.”

From attending celebratory events to supporting community causes, Brittany’s schedule has been packed. However, tragedy struck during the Chiefs’ victory parade when a shooting left one person dead and several injured.

Despite the somber turn of events, Brittany and Patrick visited wounded children in the hospital just days later.

Amid challenges, Brittany found moments of joy, including hosting an extravagant birthday bash for their daughter, Sterling, and jetting off to Tulum, Mexico, for a friend’s bachelorette party.

Mahomes’ trip to Germany

Mahomes recently visited Adidas headquarters in Germany, where he met with notable figures such as Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp, South Africa captain Siya Kolisi, and Adidas CEO Bjorn Gulden. They posed for a photo together during the encounter.

“One of the best ever…. Patrick Mahomes visiting HQ! Not only a fantastic athlete but also a very very nice guy!,” Gulden wrote on Instagram.

“Thanks for coming… it is an honor to work with you!”


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