Brittany Mahomes reveals Husband Patrick Feels About Baby Bronze’s Name

Brittany Mahomes’s recent solo interview shed a bit of light on how her husband, Patrick Mahomes, feels about their son Bronze’s nickname, and it may not be what fans expected.

On Jan 26, Brittany appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show to discuss the upcoming AFC championship, Bronze’s allergies, and her partnership AUVI-Q. But throughout the conversation, fans noticed a little detail: Patrick reportedly wants his young son to be addressed by his full name.

“My second child, Patrick Mahomes III,” Brittany said, when talking about her and Patrick’s two children. “I have to say his real name or his dad will get mad.”

She then clarified to those who don’t know that their son’s name is Patrick Mahomes, but they call him his nickname. “His name is Patrick [and] we call him Bronze,” she said.

You can see the whole interview below:

So for those who don”paragraph larva // lrv-u-margin-lr-auto lrv-a-font-body-m “> They share two children together named Sterling Skye, born on Feb 2021, and a son named Patrick “Bronze” Lavon, born on Nov 2022.

Now, many have wondered: how did they land on their names? So, for their daughter Sterling, Brittany has actually always wanted that name for her daughter, per Today.

It’s clear why Brittany and Patrick named their son after him: he was named Patrick Lavon, and so was his father before him. But Bronze? That nickname was a bit of a mystery for fans.

However, Patrick actually revealed how they landed on the nickname back in Dec 2022. He told TMZ that his brother, Jackson, was the one to land on the nickname because it “fits perfectly with Sterling.”Brittany Mahomes roasted by fans after website posts bizarre image of Patrick Mahomes’ wife: "They must really hate her"


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