Brittany Mahomes shares more new photos with her BFF Taylor Swift and Lindsay Bell – explains “the glamorous affair”

Brittany Mahomes shares new more photos with her BFF Taylor Swift and Lindsay Bell - explains

The Kansas City Chiefs’ stadium has seen a new kind of star power this season-off the field, that is! Brittany Mahomes, Taylor Swift, and Lindsay Bell are setting the stands ablaze with their friendship, turning every game day into a glamorous affair..

Taylor Swift feeling welcomed by Chiefs’ WAG’s

Pop singer, Taylor Swift, found herself a spot in this elite squad through her relationship with Travis Kelce earlier this year.

Since then, she’s seamlessly blended in with Brittany, wife of Patrick Mahomes, and other players’ partners like the fashion-forward Lindsay Bell, wife of tight end Blake Bell.

The singer has been welcomed with open arms by them, who have included her in their pre-game rituals and off the field celebrations in Kansas City.

Their friendship transcends the stadium walls, extending to cozy dinners, nights out, and even exclusive viewing parties hosted by Swift herself.

Pictures shared by Brittany Mahomes after the last squad outing at the Chiefs vs Packers game last Sunday, reveal the trio donning color-coordinated outfits, epitomizing #SquadGoals in every snapshot as they cheer on their partners.

Swift’s WAG squad transcends football

But it’s not all about the glam. These ladies bring their A-game, supporting their partners’ endeavors while making waves with their own ventures.

Brittany, a doting mother of two, and Lindsay, juggling entrepreneurship and motherhood, exemplify the modern-day power woman.

s the Chiefs gear up for another showdown, the trio anticipates another day of luxury from their suite seats.

The upcoming game against the Buffalo Bills at home in Kansas City promises not just on-field excitement but another chance for this fierce squad to steal the show from the sidelines.


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