Fans blasts Travis Kelce for spending “Too much “ on wooing Taylor Swift – Kelce Allegedly Spent More Than Half of His Yearly Salary

Remember when reports came out that Taylor Swift was spending quite a bit of money to upgrade Travis Kelce’s wardrobe? Well, now, sources claim that Kelce has also spent a lot of money on this romance, specifically around $8 million.

Life and Style Mag claimed that he has spent more than half his $14 million salary on this romance, with the gifts and traveling expenses alone. Per CelebrityNetWorth, Kelce has a net worth of $50 million, but a yearly salary of around $14 million (it’s unclear if that has gone up in the past year). So, what was the alleged $8 million for in his and Swift’s

Kelce has had to make quite a few worldwide trips to see his girlfriend, which experts believe could be at least $300,000, and the gifts? Also have been a huge chunk of money.

While it’s unclear what he got her for her birthday, many believe he snagged her a custom-made opal ring, which definitely couldn’t have been cheap. But for Valentine’s Day, he allegedly spent thousands on an “Hermès scarf, custom gold matching “TNT” bracelets, a Bottega Veneta bag, a 24-karat gold rose sculpture and more,” per Life and Style Mag. Along with that, he’s allegedly spent even more on gifts for Swift.

So it seems they’re both sparing no expense when it comes to their love story.

For those who don’t know, Kelce and Swift made their relationship public in Sept 2023, but she told fans during her Person of the Year interview that they actually got together soon after his podcast episode in July 2023.

Since then, they’ve been inseparable, going to football games together and Kelce making cross-country trips to see Swift’s tour.


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