Fans reacts to Taylor Swift’s Pregnancy Rumors – is Swift really Pregnant?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce hasn’t confirmed the rumors on the internet about swift’s pregnancy but speculations says the couple will be expecting a child soon.

Swift knows how to give Swifties what they want when it comes to promotion and this week she’s making an announcement every day on Good Morning America until the run up of The Eras Tour Film coming out on Disney+ on 15th March.

The Eras Tour is the full-length film of her Eras concerts, which Taylor is over halfway through on her international tour.

And it wouldn’t be a Taylor Swift movie without some surprises, which is exactly why she’s popping up everyday this week on US chat show Good Morning America to share some teasers, the first being confirmation that ‘Maroon’ is amongst the surprise acoustic songs that will feature in the film.

Here’s what Taylor’s Good Morning America announcement is all about…

What is Taylor Swift’s announcement on Good Morning America?

For those who will miss each of Taylor’s announcements on Good Morning America this week, e.g. for those of us in the UK, here’s what the ‘Shake It Off’ singer is up to.

On Good Morning America every day this week, beginning Tuesday 13th March, Taylor will be sharing a sneak-peek at the acoustic songs that are included in The Eras Tour Film landing on Disney+.

At every one of her concerts Taylor sings acoustic versions of two of her songs, and it’s thought there are four or five included in the Disney+ version of the film.

She told fans in a video: “Good morning, America. Tune in every day this week to get an exclusive look at the acoustic songs from The Eras Tour: My Version and don’t miss the film when it drops on Disney+ this Thursday at 6pm Pacific [PST].”

The acoustic songs Taylor’s expected to announce as part of her movie’s release on Disney+ are:

‘Cardigan’ – confirmed
‘Maroon’ – confirmed
‘I Can See You’
‘Death By A Thousand Cuts’
‘You Are In Love’

This is based on the surprise songs she sang acoustically at her LA shows last year, when The Eras Tour was filmed. However, we know this talented lady is full of surprises so fans should prepare for the unexpected too.

She’s weeks away from releasing her next studio album ‘Tortured Poets Department’ and we wouldn’t put it past Miss Swift to treat us to a song or two from the new track list.

The Eras Tour Film comes out on 15th March at 2am if you’re in the UK, which is 6pm for those on Pacific Time.


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