Haters accuses Beyoncé for Copying Franklin’s theme in her new song

If you’ve stuck the radio on in the last couple of weeks, you almost certainly would have heard Beyoncé’s latest song.

‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ became Beyoncé’s ninth solo number one earlier this month, and her first since 2022’s ‘Break Soul’.

And while the vast majority are loving Beyoncé’s latest track, a lot of folks can’t help but make comparisons to another song.

At this point, you’d think music lovers would compare ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ to other tracks from the same singer, but that is far from the case.

Instead, fans have been pointing out the similarities between Beyoncé’s latest single and the theme song of Franklin, the classic kids TV show that graced our screens from the late ’90s to the early ’00s.

As TMZ points out, the comparison has garnered a lot of attention on TikTok, getting upwards of five million views on the popular video platform.

The content creator asked his followers if the songs sounded alike, and the opinion in the comments section is certainly divided.

“That’s it!!! I knew it sounded familiar!!!!” one user commented.

“Whenever I hear Texas Hold’em I can’t get the Franklin theme song out of my head. Thanks for getting it stuck again,” a second suggested.

“Ok, now things are making sense. I knew it sounded familiar,” a third remarked.

Not everyone believes the two songs sound alike though – and those people have left their thoughts know in the comments section.

“That doesn’t sound anything like that!! Unbelievable!!!” one exclaimed.

“Sounds like a million other songs! It’s in the key of G,” a second penned.

“I can’t see any parallels. A lot of county songs are made with guitar,” a third quipped.

Meanwhile, another TikTok user pointed out: “One of the main songwriters of her song is from Canada. They probably grew up watching Franklin lmao.”

Amid all the comparison talk, Bruce Cockburn, the Canadian singer-songwriter who wrote and performed the Franklin theme, has provided his take.

Speaking to TMZ, he said: “I think Beyoncé’s ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ is a good record. Unfortunately, I can’t claim to have had any part in writing it. The rhythmic feel is similar to my theme song for the Franklin TV series, but to my ears, that’s where the similarity stops. ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ is her song, and I wish her success with it!”Do


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