Hundreds of Taylor Swift Fans in Australia Get Inked in Her Honor Ahead of Eras Tour Shows

VC Ink Tattoo Gallery and Popular Fine Line Tattoos offered Swift-inspired tattoos over the weekend for a discounted price

Taylor Swift fans in Australia are inking their love for the star, forever and always.

Hundreds of Swifties flooded tattoo parlors in Melbourne, Australia, ahead of Swift’s Eras Tour stop there to get a Swift-themed tattoo — with some fans even waiting in long lines for up to 50 minutes.

VC Ink Tattoo Gallery shared a post on social media earlier this week letting fans know that they were launching Swift-inspired designs featuring lyrics and motifs inspired by the Grammy winner’s music. Each design could be tattooed for $150, and two fans could also win free tattoos from the collection.

The designs included song titles like “Cruel Summer,” “Getaway Car,” “Karma” and “All Too Well,” as well as a snake to represent Swift’s Reputation album, a cardigan sweater with stars to represent the song “Cardigan” and a disco ball inspired by “Mirrorball.”

The company also showed a photo of the long line of people waiting outside its shop on its Instagram Story, and noted that its estimated wait had been at one point 40 to 50 minutes for tattoos. It also reposted several Stories from fans who got inked, including one who got a design of two hands making the shape of a heart, and then shared Swift doing the same.

The fan tagged the shop in their post and wrote, “Asking me how I feel about tattooing 🫶 after seeing myself at the Eras Tour last night? I feel fearless.”

VC Ink wasn’t the only company to offer Swift-inspired tattoos for the weekend. Popular Fine Line Tattoos also launched a “flash tattoo event” that took place over the weekend, according to Australia’s News Corp.

A popular TikToker shared a video of herself waiting in line and later getting a tattoo during the flash event. She showed off the business’ Swift-inspired tattoos, which also included ink offerings of a cardigan, a disco ball and “Karma” lyrics.

However, Popular Fine Line Tattoos also featured a dragon tattoo to represent Swift’s song “Long Live,” a broken champagne glass to represent “Champagne Problems,” and a koi fish, which is featured in her “Lavender Haze” music video. The company offered tattoos for $200 each.

A TikToker who goes by Lizzie.Mouse noted that she chose to get a “Lover” tattoo on her ribs. One of her friends opted for the “Fearless” tattoo, and another got a koi fish inked on her skin.

She added, “We are all so obsessed with how they turned out, our little Swiftie friendship tattoos.”

The fans showed off their new ink at Swift’s Melbourne stop, where Swift pulled out her guitar for a medley of “Getaway Car,” “August” and “The Other Side of the Door.”

The singer told fans before the song, per a fan-recorded clip: “I just really want you to be happy because you’re making me happy. So I figured you might want to hear this one. Let me know, though.”


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