It Is Over said by Kim Kardashian’s After Taylor Swift End her career with a brutal diss track on her new album…..

Taylor Swift just ended Kim Kardashian’s career with a brutal diss track on her new album.

So Taylor Swift dropped her new album Tortured Poets Department last night, and all anyone is talking about is a track called ‘ThanK you aIMee’, which if you take out the capital letters spells out ‘KIM’, and appears to be a Kim Kardashian diss track that many are saying rivals Hit ‘Em Up, Who Shot Ya, and all the classic diss tracks of times gone by.

actually had no clue that Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian hate each other, but after looking into it, it seems that Kim Kardashian has been bullying and talking sh*t about Taylor Swift for years. Of course,

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there was that incident where Kim leaked an (edited) phonecall of Taylor Swift in 2016, where she appeared to be approving a Kanye West lyric about having sex with her. Taylor Swift went into hiding for about a year because of that. Very unfair!


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