“It’s because I’ve gained weight,” Paige Spiranac denies surgery rumors

The popular golf influencer has denied rumors of undergoing breast enlargement surgeries. During a recent Q&A session on Instagram, she used to get annoyed with this question, as she often gets asked on social media about doing breast augmentation surgery.

Paige Spiranac said, as per the Toronto Sun:

“No, because they’ve actually gotten a lot bigger. So, I can see a lot of people being confused. I’ve always had a chest, but not like this. It’s because I’ve gained weight, but I can see why people question it and are confused sometimes … the human body is a magical thing.”

A few months ago, she mentioned that she used to be leaner, and her breast size would vary based on her weight and hormonal changes.

Despite facing criticism for her revealing attire, she continues to entertain fans with her content. Known for her blunt opinions, Spiranac doesn’t shy away from answering anything she’s asked, no matter how bad in taste the questions are.

Spiranac recently set social media on fire with her Halloween pictures, in which she was wearing a Baywatch-themed monokini. She posted a mirror selfie in a body-fitted swimsuit with one hand resting on the door. The picture received more than 1.5 million views on X, with over 40 thousand favorites.


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