Kansas City Chiefs GM Reveals How Travis Kelce changed Postgame Tradition For Taylor Swift

For most Kansas City Chiefs players, their friends and family are welcomed into the locker room area after games to see their loved ones. But most Kansas City Chiefs players are not Travis Kelce, and most friends and family are not among the most famous people in the world.

Chiefs general manager Brett Veach appeared on John Middlekauff’s “3 and Out” podcast to discuss the team’s offseason as they try to build toward a third consecutive Super Bowl win. The conversation, however, soon veered toward Kelce and his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, as most Chiefs conversations do.

“That’s the first question I get from all of my immediate friends and family, ‘So what’s Taylor like?’ I’m like, ‘I’ve never met her,’” he said

Veach disclosed that Kelce, 34, departed from a typical team postgame routine to accommodate the pop superstar.

“I mean she comes to the games and she’s up there [in a suite],” he said, “and typically families come down [to the locker room area] to see the players. Travis goes up to see her, so I’ve seen her in passing.”

It makes sense that Swift, 34, wouldn’t want to stray far from the relative privacy of a suite. The area outside pro locker rooms are usually teeming with media and photographers, who would surely gravitate toward the singer.

But it has led to a strange dynamic in the Chiefs locker room, where it’s almost as if the relationship doesn’t even exist. Veach explained that after the first couple weeks, the couple’s romance was never really brought up.

“The only time that we realize it is when we’re looking at our phones during the TV timeout and CBS is zooming in on Taylor, you’re reminded that they’re together,” he said. “ But Travis is a straight pro and the guys treat him like that.”

The players, meanwhile, were focused on winning games, which served them well as the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers in February to win Super Bowl LVIII.

“[Kelce] doesn’t talk about it, players don’t talk about it,” Veach said. “You’d think you’d hear the songs at practice and all the guys getting on him, this and that. But there’s such a high amount of respect for each other in this locker room.”

Veach stayed hopeful that maybe, one day, he could meet Swift, who began dating Kelce last summer and attended at least 13 Chiefs games during the 2023 season.

“It’s been a wild ride,” he said. “And, you know, listen, maybe Travis will bring her around every now and then.”


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