“Kate Middleton and the Royal Family Face Yet Another Social Media Frenzy as Wild Theory Emerges”

It seems that Kate Middleton can’t catch a break, as the Princess of Wales has been dealing with rumors from the press since her ‘disappearance’ after undergoing surgery back in 2023, the Mother’s Day photo fiasco, and, of course, the announcement that she is dealing with cancer.

Adding to the list of baseless rumors, Middleton now finds herself at the center of another social media storm. This time, it’s about her husband, Prince William, and their son, Prince George, who were spotted at a football game, marking their first public appearance in a while.

It was a heartwarming sight as father and son, Prince William and Prince George, shared a special moment while cheering for their team, Aston Villa, in a UEFA Conference League game against French side Lille at Villa Park.

Villains emerged victorious with a 2-1 win in the first leg of the competition quarterfinals.

Unfortunately, amidst the joyous occasion, some social media users have taken the opportunity to spread baseless rumors


They claim that Prince William and Prince George’s happiness at the game is due to a tragic event, asserting that there are no signs of the Princess of Wales being alive and demanding ‘proof, not another AI-generated picture or a deepfake video.’

Since the Mother’s Day picture fiasco, where Buckingham Palace uploaded a heavily edited photo of Kate Middleton with her children after months of being ‘missing,’ the public is more skeptical of everything regarding the Royal Family.


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