Kate Middleton health updates: Netizens saying ‘she may never come back’

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton Photo

When we assume that all those conspiracy theories that were previously circulating regarding the missing Kate Middleton have been debunked, the World Wide Web treats us to more whereabouts guessing games!

While battling an undisclosed form of cancer in private, Kate’s team is “reevaluating what she’s going to be able to take on when she comes back”, contrary to the Palace’s initial assurance that she would resume her royal duties and “it will be [based] on medical advice, and it will be very carefully balanced.”

One royal source even said that Kate may “not appear in public for the rest of the year.”
Another insider cited told Us Weekly there’s uncertainty that the Princess of Wales “may never come back in the role people saw her in before.”

“She may never come back,” one X (formerly Twitter) speculated.
“This does not sound good,” another guessed.
“Willy snapped – she left one way the other – we need proof of life or we assume she’s dead,” one piped in.
Criticism has also surfaced regarding the royal family’s handling of the situation, with many expressing frustration over the perceived secrecy fueling speculation.
“This whole thing has felt so sinister since the beginning. Whoever runs PR for the royals should be replaced immediately because it’s a catastrophe,” implored one commentator.
Another pointed out, “Why are they not being up front about her status? The more secretive, the more suspicious the country will be.”
Despite the speculation, some users attempted to maintain optimism, suggesting that Kate might still be in the recovery phase post-treatment, possibly experiencing side effects like hair loss from chemotherapy.

meghan and husband
meghan and husband Photo

Things got worse when the Palace released what appeared to be a photoshopped photo of Kate, with people coming up with all sorts of things like reports of a split with Prince William or even news that she had died.
Such concerns made Kate opt for a do-it-yourself approach to respond to this nonsense, saying in a video message that she had been diagnosed with cancer after surgery and had started chemotherapy.

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