Kate Middleton is leading Prince Harry to the brink of an emotional breakdown

Prince Harry is currently being led to the point of a complete breakdown

Experts fear Prince Harry is well on his way to a complete breakdown and its to do with his lack of an invite to the Trooping of Colour.

News about it all has been brought forward by an inside source that is close to Closer magazine.

Per this insider, “It was painful for Harry to see all his family gathered for Trooping the Colour.”

“He would have dearly loved to have been there, if only to congratulate and support Kate in person on what must have been an incredibly difficult day for her.”

For those unversed, the insider also admitted that, “Harry was particularly upset and emotional when he saw the footage of Kate.”

“He’s been so worried about her ever since he received the news of her condition, and while he has managed to connect with her on a few occasions, it’s not nearly as often as he’d like.”

“He could see she was putting on a stoic, brave face, but ultimately having the eyes of the world on her was a lot of pressure.”

What made things worst was “The fact he had to watch from 6,000 miles away” and that “just made him so sad.”

And “it really hammered home how he’s an outsider at this point.”

At this point in time before signing off, the source noted that “He would just love to have her – along with the rest of his family – back in his life properly.”


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