Kate Middleton makes bold move to protect children against fresh royal rift

The Princess of Wales has long been the family photographer

The Princess of Wales is frequently seen capturing spontaneous moments of Prince William and their young children.

Recently, she delighted the public with a delightful birthday snapshot of the future monarch leaping joyfully alongside Prince George, aged 10, Princess Charlotte, aged 9, and Prince Louis, aged 6.

Kate’s passion for photography is widely recognized, despite a mishap where a Mother’s Day family picture was withdrawn by major photo agencies due to an editing error in their extensive archives.

However, as disclosed in the Channel 5 documentary ‘Kate: A Queen for the Future’, Kate took the extraordinary step of assuming the role of the family’s primary photographer after witnessing the detrimental effects of media scrutiny on Prince William’s life.

Journalist Afua Hagan highlighted Kate’s bold move in the documentary, saying: “The Princess of Wales understands who she is, the position that she’s in.

“She also understands the interest in her family, especially her children, that people want to see them growing up. So she understands that the press needs these pictures.”

Hagan continued, “The Princess of Wales has seen first hand through her husband, Prince William, the damage that the press has done to his life and so she’s realised that if she can do something about that, if she can take control, then she should do that.”, reports OK!.

She went on to say: “Kate did something which was unprecedented at the time. She decided that she was going to be the one to photograph her own children, which I think was an absolutely brilliant move.”

“She’s decided I will take them and I will deliver them to the press agencies. I’ll be the one that post them on social media.”

Royal Commentator Ingrid Seward further noted that Kate has essentially become ‘the main photographer of the family’, thus sparing the children the distress of posing for a stranger.

Being in the media spotlight has always been a part of Royal life, something Prince William has experienced first hand since birth. However, both princes have openly expressed their struggles with constant media attention from a young age.

The most recent photo shared by the Princess of Wales was taken last month in Norfolk, featuring William and their children leaping joyfully over sand dunes. In the heartfelt caption, she wrote: “Happy birthday Papa, we all love you so much! Cx”.

At 42, Kate is an avid photographer and has captured some of the family’s most cherished moments. As well as this, Kate serves as the patron of the Royal Photographic Society and set up the brilliant Hold Still project during lockdown.


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