Kate Middleton new image braded something out of ‘The Scream’

The image of Kate Middleton that has just come out has been rubbished for looking more and more like a product of ‘The Scream’

An expert has just bashed the image of Kate Middleton that Tatler magazine released for its July 2024 issue.

The expert in question is Mr Micheal Cole and he weighed in on all his thoughts, while speaking to GB News.

During that chat he accused the publication of creating an unflattering image of the Princess of Wales, all of which has come while she battles cancer in private.

He even went as far a to compare it to a piece from The Scream and added, “To have a picture of her, which might have been done by that man who did The Scream, [Edvard] Munch. Mr Munch might have done this if he’d thought of doing a portrait of the Princess of Wales.”

So “Now I think it’s best forgotten,” he also added during the course of his chat.

Because “I think it’s one of those magazines you just want to turn it over and see the advert on the back page.”


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