Kate Middleton, Prince William’s new post sets social media on fire

Kate Middleton, Prince William send clear message to Prince Harry with latest post

Kate Middleton, Prince William have sent a strong message to Prince Harry with their latest post, leaving royal fans divided.

Future King William has cleared the air about his relationship with his younger brother Harry, seemingly telling his followers and fans that his “feud with the Duke is beyond repair.”

The Prince and Princess of Wales official social media accounts shared a childhood picture of Prince William with King Charles to mark Father’s Day.

Prince William
Prince William Photo

However, Harry’s disappearance in the throw back picture fumed some of his fans who raised question about William and Kate’ latest move.

Reacting to the post, some royal fan asked about Harry, with one writing in the comments section: “Where’s Harry?”

Some other also criticised William for not sharing Harry’s photo, saying “King Charles has two sons.”

However, a large number of William’s fans defended the future King, with one writing: “Why are so many people asking about Harry? It’s Father’s Day, not Brother’s Day. William doesn’t have to celebrate for both of them.”

Another wrote: “For those saying “he has two sons” are yall okay? This is WILLIAM’S page. If harry wanted to he could post his own. I don’t expect my siblings to post pictures of me to celebrate our parents.”

One fan wrote: “It’s from William to his father. Why harp in about Harry in this. Harry can do his own post. If his wife lets him.”

Meanwhile, a royal expert has claimed that have pointed out that William’s Father’s Day photo shows that his feud with Harry is worse than ever.

Russell Myers, on talk show Lorraine,discussed the photo, pointing out that it was notable how William chose to post a snap of him and his father alone. The commentator claimed the feud between two royal brothers Harry and William is no better at present.


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