‘Kate Middleton unreachable’, Royal Staff ‘unaware of Surgery, can’t contact her’: Report

Is Kensington Palace hiding something? To avid royal followers, the health concerns and abdominal surgery of the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, have been a breeding ground for numerous conspiracy theories. And now, the latest Photoshop scandal has reignited speculation about her mysterious disappearance. Piers Morgan, an English radio and TV presenter has suggested that the Palace may be trying to hide something, a botched attempt that may be more important than initially thought.

Kate Middleton’s photo scandal ‘could’ signal Royals hiding truth
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In talks with Ok Magazine, Piers Morgan spoke about why Princess Kate, who is recovering from her surgery wounds, is trying to handle her ‘amateur’ editing when the palace has people for it. “Why is Princess Catherine, who is recovering from abdominal surgery, spending time hunched over photoshop, making amateur edits of official portraits when they literally have servants to do that. Most baffling of all, why not edit in the missing wedding ring?” He asked.
The portrait Morgan was referring to was the same one posted by the official Instagram handle of the Royals, signifying Kate Middleton’s return after surgery. In the picture, the Princess of Wales is seated alongside her three children, all adorned with smiles. However, the seemingly perfect family portrait was soon met with skepticism and was withdrawn by news agencies after reports of editing surfaced.

“Kate needs a break, I agree, but it was their decision to release this photograph and it’s led to even more conspiracy theories,” Morgan continued adding. “On one level [the edited picture] could be trivial — she could be fine and doing well and tried to do something to correct the conspiracies and got it wrong — or it could be that they’re hiding something.”
Morgan is known to be one of the close insiders of the palace and knew late Princess Diana as well. The journalist shared his doubts that something more serious is happening inside the palace, which they are trying to hide. He also described everything happening as very alarming.

“I have been told some stuff that, if even half of it is true, it’s pretty alarming what is happening, don’t know what to believe, nor do any of us — we’re not there.” He claimed.
Royal Staff ‘unaware of Kate’s surgery’
A source close to the royals told US Weekly that Kate wants to “keep the details of her illness as private as possible” and has no intention of sharing any news with the public in the near future. The source added that Kate believes she has the right to “take her time” to recover without the need for a lot of speculation.
However, the source also added that none of the Royal staff were aware of what was going on with the 42-year-old. “A few of Kate’s senior staffers haven’t been able to see or speak to her, and they didn’t even know about the surgery until it was announced, so it’s caught them off guard.”

Meanwhile, social media remains flooded with questions like ‘Why is Kate Middleton still unreachable?’ and ‘What is the Palace hiding by not bringing her in front of the lens?'”


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