“Kayla Nicole shares why she’s confident Travis Kelce’s heart still belongs to her: ‘Travis Kelce’s affection for Taylor Swift pales in comparison to his love for me. I’m certain he’ll come back to me, begging, one day.'”

ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole has explained why she turned her DMs off on social media during an appearance on the ‘Behind the Likes’ podcast.





Nicole had been unnecessarily dragged into countless headlines and became the topic of multiple online discussions after Kelce began datingYou can’t DM me anymore … because people just talk crazy and I’ve had enough.




‘I’m exhausted, I’m tired. It’s a new year and, to be honest, it’s the same me. So in order for it to be a new me, I need to do some new things.The model dated the four-time All-Pro tight end on-and-off from 2017 to 2022.





‘I posted this the other day, “All of this stuff that y’all say to me on the internet, you would never say to my face,”’ Nicole continued. ‘I promise you that. I’m a super kind person but do not ever play with me for real.



‘When it comes to the internet, I just learned that in the long run it’s a waste of my energy.’



During the podcast appearance she also spoke about her decision to post a candid open letter on Instagram addressing the backlash.



‘I was at a crossroads where I felt like unseen and unheard and I felt like everyone was kind of talking for me in one way or another,’ she said.


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