Keanu Reeves Finally Speaks on Rumors of kissing Co-Stars

Keanu Reeves debuted in movies at a young age and fans have always found him to be a heartthrob. Despite many fans dreaming about dating him, Keanu was seemingly single for decades because of two massive tragedies that affected his personal life, including the death of his girlfriend, Jennifer Syme.

He has never been one to talk about his personal life either. Keanu refuses to talk about any dating rumors and his partners can count on him not to kiss and tell.

This applies to Diane Keaton, a co-star Keanu may or may not have had a brief relationship with.

For their part, his on-screen romantic interests only had good things to say about Keanu. Sandra Bullock even revealed that she’s had intimate conversations with Keanu.

“Keanu’s a guy who, I feel like, is friends with every woman he’s ever dated. I don’t think there’s anyone who has something horrible to say about him,” Sandra said.

Carrie-Ann Moss, Keanu’s co-star in The Matrix trilogy, has also been linked to Keanu. Although rumors that they dated were also false, Carrie-Ann also had great things to say about her friendship with Keanu.

Much like his fans, Carrie-Ann thinks he’s a “stellar individual” and said that “they love and trust each other,” even though they never did enter a relationship.

Diane Keaton, who was also rumored to have been involved with Keanu in the past, brought in Valentine’s Day with a bang in 2023. Diane posted a montage of video clips on her Instagram showing some of her most iconic kisses from her movies.

The comments were quick to recognize one particular kiss: the one she shared with Keanu Reeves. Fans were quick to point out that they were “quite a bit jealous” about it.

Fellow stars also commented on the post. Nancy Meyers, who had witnessed her kiss with Keanu as a filmmaker, wrote, “Hilarious, but as someone who was around for a few of those – those guys always wanted one more take.”

This suggests that Keanu really enjoyed kissing Diane.

Another comment, this time from Debra Messing, asked about her favorite kiss. While Diane didn’t reply, suggesting that she preferred to remain fair rather than pick favorites, fans decided that clearly, Diane was the best kisser of the bunch.

After Diane posted her message on Instagram, Keanu found himself having to answer a question about their iconic kiss on Something’s Got to Give.

“What was the highlight of making that film and doing that iconic kiss with Ms. Keaton?” the interviewer asked Keanu.

Looking half amused, half embarrassed by the question, Keanu replied, “Oh my God. That’s funny.”

He then decided to wish his former co-star a happy Valentine’s Day himself, saying, “Well, Happy Valentine’s Day! I know it’s past, Ms. Keaton, but I’ll never forget.”

Keanu looked straight into the camera as he said those words, making it look like he was addressing Diane directly. It was almost as if he was taunting the audience that he was not going to reveal anything more.

And he did not. He refused to say anything else about the kiss or his experience, showing, once again, that he was the perfect gentleman. Much like Diane refused to tell her fans who the best kisser was, Keanu returned the favor, refusing to kiss and tell.

Fans were quick to acknowledge Keanu’s distinction and class. Many comments expressed admiration for his gentlemanly ways, calling him adorable, special, and the epitome of class.

Others expressed their admiration for how humble, respectful, and considerate he is.

It’s no wonder, however.

Keanu has been wowing fans with his down-to-earth, humble, yet beautiful ways throughout his career, and this was just another instance of his genuine personality.

The time Keanu humbly walked into LAX without any security was even further proof that he was not just putting up an act and is genuinely a good guy.


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