Kensington Palace issues detailed update on Kate Middleton’s health status

The Princess of Wales continues to undergo cancer treatment

ince Kate Middleton announced that, like King Charles III, she is suffering from cancer and is undergoing medical treatment, there have been few updates about the state of her health.

Now, Kensington Palace has issued an update and has provided details of the projects that the Princess of Wales remains involved in.

Middleton’s involvement in social projects is already well-publicized, with the royal maintaining her aim of helping those in British society who are most in need.

One of the issues she is most concerned about is the mental health of children, especially those under the age of five.

According to the Kensington Palace statement, such investment in early childhood could have an impact on the British economy to the tune of around 45 billion pounds.

The British Royal Family are euphoric with the findings, and especially Middleton, according to the statement, which claimed: “She is thrilled by the results achieved”.

Will Kate Middleton return on June 15?

Aside from that ongoing work, the update indicates that the Princess of Wales is still being treated for her illness, and she will remain away from the front line for a while as a result.

Middleton will continue to maintain a low profile as far as official matters go, with husband Prince William continuing to lead the way on that front.

English media have reported that the sources closest to the royal family maintain that Middleton will return to public duties “when the experts give the green light.”

They also claim that, for the moment, Middleton needs “privacy” while she undergoes chemotherapy. One event that many feel she could return for is the ‘Trooping the Colour’, an act carried out by the British Army, along with other Commonwealth countries.

The event will take place on June 15, and with only a few weeks to go, neither Kensington Palace nor anyone close to the British royal family have made a statement on the matter. That means Middleton’s presence at the event remains in doubt.


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