King Charles decides to take big step to strengthen reign amid cancer treatment

King Charles
King Charles Photo

King Charles has decided to take major risk to win big during his reign amid ongoing cancer battle, seemingly putting his life at risk to save the monarchy.

The 75-year-old, who’s being advised to slow down, is determined to make foreign trips as he ‘doesn’t want to go down as the man who lost Australia’, according to a new report.

The King has decided to visit Australia and Samoa for a Commonwealth summit in October, but additional legs of the trip to fellow South Pacific states New Zealand and Fiji could reportedly be changed due to his cancer treatment.

According to insiders, “missing New Zealand is a great loss, and it will be a source of great regret for him, because to be honest he probably won’t be doing it again. But it’s frankly incredible that he is still doing Australia and that should be celebrated.”

The King believes visiting the country is “non-negotiable”, owing to its political atmosphere,.

The British royals could face a race against the clock to adjust to the time difference in Australia – but are due to take a two-day break before the royal couple arrive in Samoa for three days in order to attend the 2024 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM 2024).

“There is considerable popular antipathy to the entire concept of the British monarch being head of state there, and of course he doesn’t want to go down as the man who lost Australia.”

“To go there when he is being treated for cancer wasn’t what he planned – but you could hardly think of a better way of letting Australians know how important they are to the crown,” the source added.

Australia is such an important part of the Commonwealth that Charles feels it is absolutely non-negotiable. The King is optimistic and desperately wants to keep going with everything.


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