King Charles forced to make heartbreaking decision for Prince William

Prince Harry set to receive some bad news from cancer-stricken King Charles

Prince William, who is the heir to the British throne, is adamant to keep his estranged brother Prince Harry away from his cancer-stricken King Charles.

The Prince of Wales is seemingly influencing his monarch in making a strict decision which is quite heartbreaking to the monarch, but he is conceding to his eldest son, per royal commentator Hilary Fordwich.

“It is widely known within the family that Prince William has laid down an absolute ban on Harry returning in any way, shape or form into his former royal family fold,” Fordwich claimed, via OK! Magazine.

“If anyone will relent, it would be King Charles III, whom, of course, Prince William won’t challenge, who still misses his ‘darling boy’ and would like to see more of Prince Harry,” she explained.

While Harry left his senior royal position in 2020, the rift between the siblings grew after he and wife Meghan painted the royal family in negative light with their Netflix docuseries.

It became worse when tense relations between the brothers and William’s alleged physical attack on Harry was highlighted in the Duke’s 2023 memoir, Spare.

“However, to this day, after the release of Spare and the Netflix serial, as well as with everything else Harry has said, done, and not done, it’s Prince William who adamantly refuses to even speak to his brother.”

King Charles and Diana’s sons, Harry and William, haven’t been photographed in the same room since Charles; coronation, and there is no sign of reconciliation between the two.


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