King Charles goes head-to-head with Meghan Markle with a behind-the-back business move ‘against’ the Duchess of Sussex

Tensions within the royal family are heating up

he drama between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continues to brew as King Charles takes a seemingly strategic move against the Duchess of Sussex. Just hours after reports revealed Meghan’s plans to launch a rosé wine under her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, King Charles unveiled his latest Highgrove product. This unexpected timing has fans and critics alike speculating about the underlying tensions within the royal family.

King Charles, 75, has introduced his Highgrove Royal Estate Honey, a luxurious product produced by bees on his private estate. Priced at £25 for a 350g jar, the honey is marketed as “beautifully delicate” with a “distinctive lime flavour,” making it a premium gift for food enthusiasts. The honey is sourced from bees residing in traditional British double-walled beehives and foraging on lime trees in Highgrove Gardens.

The launch of this high-end honey is the latest addition to the King’s range of preserves and savory foods sold through the Highgrove Shop. Notably, the proceeds from these sales are donated to charity, adding a philanthropic edge to the royal offerings. This honey launch comes amid Meghan Markle’s ambitious plans for her lifestyle brand, which includes a variety of products from homeware to workout gear, and now, reportedly, a rosé wine.

King Charles goes head-to-head with Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s American Riviera Orchard is gearing up for a significant market entry, with products like nut butters, jams, and marmalades already in the works.The timing of these launches has fueled speculation about a deeper rift within the royal family .

As Meghan continues to expand her brand and influence, King Charles’ product release could be seen as a competitive move, highlighting the ongoing power dynamics and public rivalry. With both sides making strategic moves in their respective ventures, the royal family drama shows no signs of slowing down, leaving the public eagerly watching their every move.


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