King Charles, Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis force royal family to change plans

Buckingham Palace has given true update on King Charles and Kate Middleton’s health with the latest announcement.

The palace has confirmed that the 75-year-old King, who looks fit and sound after cancer treatment, will attend his Birthday Parade, known as Trooping the Colour.

However, the monarch has chosen not to ride on horseback from Buckingham Palace, down The Mall, to Horse Guards Parade on June 15. He will ride in an Ascot landau carriage with the Queen and will inspect the troops of the Household Division from there.

It suggests as the King has not fully recovered and he still needs treatment to return to gain full health.

After the the King’s office announced the 75-year-old’s return to public-facing duties in April, sources close to the monarch insisted each individual engagement would be reviewed by his medical team, hinting that adaptions would be made when necessary to help the King’s recovery.

On the other hand, Kate’s health condition is quiet different from the King as the Kensington Palace has already confirmed that the Princess, who is Colonel of the Irish Guards, is not taking part in the Colonel’s review (essentially a dress rehearsal for The King’s Birthday Parade) on June 8.

A royal source has claimed Princess Kate is “in a very different position” to King Charles.

An insider close to the royals told the Mail:”No one wants to put any pressure on Catherine. The only thing that matters at the moment is her getting better. She has been through an ordeal this year. “There is no need for her to be seen while she’s recovering.”

She has been given as much time as she need as the future of the monarchy belongs to her. However, fans still hopeful tat she will make surprise appearance on the Palace balcony for the his children and the King on Jun 15.

The King has become increasingly determined to scale up his workload and public engagements as he’s showing progress. Princess Anne’s son Peter Philips recently revealed his uncle Charles had grown “frustrated” about restricting his activities, and Queen Camilla has hinted of her struggle to reign him in for the good of his health.


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