Meghan Markle blasted for ‘phoney’ looks, ‘very rude’ interaction during Nigeria tour with Prince Harry

Meghan Markle came under radar for alleged “rude” interaction amidst her three-day whirlwind tour to Nigeria with Prince Harry.

While Meghan Markle is having a great time in her “own country” Nigeria, the Duchess of Sussex came under radar for alleged “rude” interaction amidst her three-day whirlwind tour to the African nation with Prince Harry.

The couple first arrived at Lightway Academy in the capital city of Abuja and they provided some rare details about their life and two children, Princess Lilibet, two, and Prince Archie, five.

Meghan revealed that her son Archie is a fan of construction and Lilibet, who is all set to turn three-year-old on 4 June, told her that “Mama, I see me in you.”

She also spoke with schoolchildren about mental health, and took part on a panel at a Women in Leadership Nigeria event.

Meanwhile, biographer Angela Levin slammed the royal couple over their “unofficial royal visit” and went on to call their appearance “phoney and awful”.

Speaking to GB News, Levin said she could hardly “believe her eyes” after seeing the Duke and Duchess’ first few appearances.

Slamming Meghan’s choice of outfit for her visit to Lightway Academy College, she said: “If you go to a school, a very quiet school that is a religious one, you don’t go with a dress that’s absolutely no backing to it at all.”

The royal author further claimed that Meghan was “awful” and “rude” during a particular interaction during Nigeria tour. “She was very rude, because one of the teachers was talking to her and there were two girls there joining in politely.”

Levin did not stop here, as she further said “bored” Meghan looked up in the air and “then sort of pulled Harry”, which “she usually does”.

“She wanted someone who could then take nice pictures of her and Harry, and you think, my goodness, where are your manners?” she added.

Despite the royal author’s brutal claims on Meghan’s appearances, the fans and supporters of the Duchess took to X and hailed the mother of two for her amazing yet powerful looks.

Angela Levin blasts Harry for not meeting King Charles
Before heading to Nigeria, Prince Harry landed in the UK and attended a thanksgiving service with mother Diana’s relatives in St Paul’s Cathedral to mark the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.

Reacting to reports that King Charles declined a request to see Prince Harry during his London tour, Levin stated that Buckingham Palace “doesn’t recall having any request” from him to visit his father.

She stressed that King had a lot of things do after first 2024 garden party, which took place after he resumed duties following cancer diagnosis. “He had to see the Prime Minister, so I think he would probably be exhausted. And he’s got to be very careful.”

“And I think that if Harry’s going to go in and make demands and be angry, then he doesn’t want that. He doesn’t need that sort of aggression,” she concluded.


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