Meghan Markle ignites rift with King Charles and Kate Middleton by skipping UK visit

Meghan Markle misses big opportunity to make amends with King Charles

Meghan Markle is reportedly making a deliberate move to skip a UK visit and miss the big opportunity to make amends with her father-in-law King Charles.

It is important to mention that Prince Harry is all set to travel to the UK to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Invictus Games on May 8.

Notably, the Duchess of Sussex will not accompany her husband and she will join Harry on their trip to Nigeria later this month.

Speaking of Meghan’s bold move, an aide told The Express that the former Suits actress is “done” with the UK and there are rare chances of her reunion with the royal family in the near future.

The source shared, “Her conspicuous absence from all his recent trips has been noted.”

An insider added, “This time she will be missing a key event in Harry’s Invictus diary as well as the opportunity to offer support to her father-in-law.”

The source further stated, “It strikes me as odd that she doesn’t have time to come to England where, however she feels about them, she does have family. But she does have time to join Harry in Africa. I think that speaks volumes.”


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