Meghan Markle ‘ordered Prince Harry to ignore’ David Beckham at Invictus Games; 4 years later, he got revenge

David Beckham’s subtle revenge on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for alleged snub at Invictus Games

A new book alleges tension between Prince Harry and David Beckham, with Meghan Markle’s name at the center. A bombshell tell-all claims that the Duchess ordered Harry to ‘snub’ David Beckham during the 2018 Invictus Games event, a move described as a brutal blow for the soccer player. But here’s the twist: the book also suggests Beckham responded four years later in a way that might have left the Sussexes fuming over the move.

David Beckham and his wife Victoria were once thick as thieves with both royal princes. While their bond with William remains strong, things abruptly went south with Harry. Rumours of strained relationship skyrocketed after Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle in May 2018. Now, Tom Bower’s explosive new book, “The House of Beckham: Money, Sex and Power,” adds fuel to the fire. According to the book, a mere six months after the royal wedding, the once-friendly dynamic between Harry and Beckham took a ‘brutal’ turn.

The book mentions that in October of the same year, during the Invictus Games event organized by the royals in Sydney, Australia, Beckham, who was invited, found himself isolated, unable to go near the Duke. This incident made him realise that something was amiss, as he was purportedly kept away from the prince.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry & David Beckham
Meghan Markle, Prince Harry & David Beckham Photos

“Arriving on the agreed day to meet Prince Harry he was perplexed [as to] why officials were playing a dance to keep him happy, but away from Harry.” Bower wrote in his book. “Beckham found himself alone at the Invictus Games stadium.”

it was said that he inquired about the reason he couldn’t spend time with the royal, only to supposedly find out that “the prince had clearly stated that the footballer was not to be allowed close to him in any way.” This revelation left him feeling disrespected.
The book also claims that he later got to know that, “The exclusion order, it later transpired, was issued by Meghan.” The reason – “She did not want any competition in the media from Beckham, and especially not from his wife Victoria.”

Four years after the alleged snub and two years after infamous Megexit, David Beckham took a subtle, yet public, act of revenge. In November 2022, Beckham crossed continents to attend a prestigious event in Boston to celebrate Prince William and Kate. This festivity, which included top celebrities and President Biden, happened at the same time as an event Harry and Meghan were participating in New York, trying to make new friends. Tom Bower’s book suggests that Beckham’s appearance in Boston, with the future monarch and queen, successfully took the limelight away from the Sussexes. Bower claims this was Beckham’s calculated response to the earlier incident in Sydney. “Beckham had got his revenge for the Sydney snub.”


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