Meghan Markle reacts to King Charles’ decision to strip her Royal title

Meghan Markle warns King Charles, Prince William against royal title stripping

Meghan Markle has sent a message to King Charles and Prince William to not make a fool out of themselves by stripping her and Prince Harry’s royal titles.

A source close to the Duchess of Sussex has revealed what she thinks of reports about the monarch and Prince of Wales having discussions about removing her and Harry’s titles.

For the unversed, royal expert and author Tom Quinn has claimed Charles and William have been having lengthy discussions about doing something about the Sussexes’ titles.

However, the expert noted that “the last thing they want is to give the renegades something else to complain about.”

“William and his father know that even without their royal titles Meghan and Harry would carry on traveling the world as if they were royals and most people in the world will still welcome them.”

Issuing a warning to Charles and William, the insider said that Meghan is confident that the title stripping would only backfire on the royals.

“Charles and William are right to worry that stripping the rogue couple of titles would only result in them with egg on their face,” Meghan’s alleged mouth-piece said, as per Radar Online.

“To many people, who have no idea of royal protocol or even care, Harry and Meghan will always be ‘prince’ or ‘duke and duchess’ no matter what the king does,” the tipster continued.

“So stripping the titles would be a waste of time — and make Charles and William look like petty sore losers.”


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