Nick Viall urges caution as Taylor Swift fans target Brittany Mahomes over New Skims Ad

Taylor Swift Strengthens her friendship with Brittany Mahomes With mind blowing Donation to the Mahomes Foundation - Generous queen - drives fans crazy

Brittany Mahomes, wife of NFL star Patrick Mahomes, faced the ire of Taylor Swift fans after she and her family starred in Kim Kardashian’s Skims holiday campaign.

However, Nick Viall, known for his role in Bachelor Nation, has stepped up to defend Brittany against the backlash from Swifties.

Viall: Let’s wait to see if Taylor is mad

In the latest episode of his podcast, “The Viall Files,”Nick expressed his thoughts on the situation.

Swift fans were quick to criticize Brittany for aligning with Kim Kardashian, given the history between Kim and Taylor.

Nick, however, urged caution, questioning if Taylor Swift even knows the timeline of Brittany’s involvement with Skims.

“Taylor Swift fans are freaking out over it and are like crucifying Brittany again and I feel like people just need to back off because how do we even know that she did this campaign after her and Taylor became friends?” Nick emphasized.

During the podcast, Nick’s fiancée, Natalie Joy, joined the conversation, noting that Taylor Swift might not publicly address the situation.

Nick, 43, argued that while Taylor may not comment, distancing herself from Brittany could be a subtle statement.

“There’s too many questions. Also, do we think Taylor even cares at this point?” The Bachelor star questioned of the “Is It Over Now?” singer

Brittany Mahomes’ Skims controversy

The controversy ignited when Brittany shared photos from the Skims ad on November 9 on her Instagram profile, triggering Swifties to flood the comments with criticism.

Nick acknowledged the tension between Kim and Taylor but advocated for giving Brittany some grace before jumping to conclusions.

He speculated on the possibility of Kim reaching out to Taylor behind the scenes, given their past feuds, and suggested following Taylor’s lead.

As the storm of opinions continues to swirl around Brittany Mahomes and her involvement with Skims, Nick Viall’s defense adds a perspective of restraint and understanding.

In the complex world of celebrity dynamics, he encourages everyone to wait for Taylor Swift’s reaction before passing judgment on Brittany’s choices.


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