Other reasons why Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid & quarterback Patrick Mahomes were fined by the NFL?

While nobody expects players and coaches to hold their tongues at all times regardless of their grievances, it’s more or less an accepted truth that if you publicly lay into officials, there will be repercussions. With that said, sometimes one has to vent regardless of what consequences may come.
Chiefs’ Andy Reid & Patrick Mahomes given large fines by NFL

Though they currently lead the AFC West with a record of 8-5, the defending Super Bowl champion, Kansas City Chiefs, will almost certainly argue that they should currently be 9-4 following what was a contentious 20-17 loss against the Buffalo Bills. Indeed, during last Sunday’s Week 14 game, both Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and star quarterback Patrick Mahomes were openly critical of a now infamous offside penalty that was called on the team’s wide receiver Kadarius Toney. What initially appeared to be a sensational touchdown that would have given the Chiefs a late lead was not given and that was that.

Except, as we all knew, it was never going to end there. With Reid and Mahomes openly laying into officials, they were always going to face some kind of fine from the league, and now that moment has come. According to reports, the NFL has now handed down sizeable fines to both men. To be clear, Reid and Mahomes were sanctioned for differing reasons, but both are based in the idea that they publicly ripped officials following the call on Toney. Where Reid is concerned, he was fined to the tune of $100,000 for criticizing the officials while speaking with the media postgame, while Mahomes was fined $50,000 for “abusive, threatening or insulting language to officials”, as well as public criticism of officials.
How did the Andy Reid & Patrick Mahomes situation play out?

As much as one might be inclined to think it’s a lot of fuss over nothing, it’s worth noting that Mahomes definitely lost his cool. Following a turnover on downs late in the game, the two-time league MVP (2018 & 2022) could be seen screaming at officials as he came off the field. He then continued his tirade while on the sideline, and also had some choice words after the final whistle, including a moment when he met Bills quarterback Josh Allen at half line. Indeed, even in the postgame press conference, Mahomes returned to the call that drew his wrath. To his credit, Mahomes apologized later on, even addressing his interaction with Allen.

Now, while one might be inclined to say that Reid was far less overt, his message was no less clear as he complained that officials should’ve given the Chiefs a warning before flagging Toney, before adding that the officiating was “a bit embarrassing” for the league as a whole. Of course, what makes all of this ridiculous is the fact that replays clearly showed that Toney was in fact offside, something that Reid admitted on Monday this week when conceding that Toney himself never checked with the official to ensure that he was in line. Ultimately, football is an intense and physical game such that tempers can flare, however, it’s always best to check that you’ve got ground to stand on before you go challenging someone else.


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