Patrick and Brittany Mahomes’ son, Bronze, shocks everyone by driving his new birthday toy like he is an older boy (video)

Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, continually treats her Instagram followers to heartwarming glimpses of their family life. Her recent Instagram story featured a delightful moment starring their youngest son, Bronze.

In the shared clip, one-year-old Bronze showcases his playful spirit while engaging with his Bumper Car. Rather than conventionally sitting inside, Bronze demonstrates his unique approach, squatting in front of the car and skillfully navigating it forward using the lever. His focused and attentive demeanor during the activity reflects his sheer enjoyment

Brittany Mahomes is known for keeping her audience updated on the delightful antics of her two sons, 2-year-old Sterling and the adorable Bronze, who recently celebrated his first birthday. The Mahomes family recently hosted a unique party, transforming the basketball court within Patrick Mahomes’ lavish Kansas City mansion into an exclusive party venue by covering it with grass.

Adding to their festive spirit, Brittany Mahomes surprised her followerswith elaborate Christmas decorations, notably featuring a life-size Nutcracker. With Christmas around the corner, the Mahomes household is gearing up for a joyous celebration.


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