Patrick Mahomes – Chiefs’ QB 5 greatest achievements and titles – Wins another Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes secures his third Super Bowl victory, setting the stage for potentially breaking numerous NFL records, fueling social media discussion about his accomplishments. This renews attention on a tweet from five years ago by former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, where he downplayed Mahomes’ career achievements in comparison to his own Super Bowl titles. Aikman’s comment has since been widely mocked in light of Mahomes’ continued success, highlighting the changing dynamics in the perception of both players.

By the Numbers
Patrick Mahomes has now won three Super Bowls.
Mahomes has thrown 36% of Troy Aikman’s career touchdowns in about 8% of the games.
State of Play
Patrick Mahomes is on course to break NFL records as he continues his career.
Troy Aikman’s past comment about Mahomes has been subject to widespread mockery and criticism.
Bottom Line
Troy Aikman’s dismissive tweet regarding Patrick Mahomes has resurfaced, underscoring the evolving perceptions of both players and the changing dynamics in the NFL.


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