Patrick Mahomes’ close friend teams up with Josh Allen, Bills to sink Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes gives an unexpected advantage to his enemies - Reveals his

Buffalo Bills practice squad quarterback Shane Buechele, who became one of Patrick Mahomes’ closest friends while playing for the Kansas City Chiefs throughout the 2021 and 2022 seasons, is now working alongside Josh Allen to help beat his former team on Sunday.

Buechele, 25, recently spoke about Mahomes ahead of Buffalo’s visit to Arrowhead Stadium and complimented his incredible work ethic.

“A lot of people see the physical things on the field, the way [Mahomes] gets away from pressures, obviously all the crazy throws but people don’t realize how much work he puts in behind the scenes of the physical things but also the mental, just watching film, the attention to detail,” Buechele said.

Buechele then went on to compare Mahomes to Allen, saying he has been able to learn different things from both quarterbacks.

“It’s been amazing. Being with him, I’ve learned a ton,” Buechele said. “Super talented guy and a great dude, a great teammate. And so the way he prepares too is different and he does it the right way and so just learning different things from both of those guys has really helped my game out for sure.”

Shane Buechele is a mini-Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes and Buechele were often seen together while out on dates with their respective wives over the offseason.

Their friendship was not enough to keep Buechele in the Kansas City locker room, but he will always be remembered for one play.

Like both Mahomes and Allen, Buechele is more than capable of scrambling and playing backyard football, making him a great second or third string quarterback.

Mahomes once even went crazy on the sideline as Buechele managed to throw an incredible touchdown pass after nearly getting sacked. Now they’ll be on opposite end of the field.


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