Patrick Mahomes explains why the Chiefs’ will win the buffalo game following previous loss

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The ups and downs of an NFL season can challenge a team’s growth and plans for success. The Kansas City Chiefs have dropped a few games over the last few weeks, garnering concern surrounding the team’s mindset as the playoffs quickly approach.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is constantly open to criticism to improve as a player and team. He spoke with reporters on Wednesday during his weekly press conference about the team’s mindset in trying to bounce back from challenging moments or losses.

“Yeah, I think I learned from Coach (Andy) Reid. I mean, you always see him; he’s never too high, never too low,” Mahomes explained. “He’s focused on the task at hand. How can we get into the best position to play the best football we can on that day?

“So that’s how my mindset is: no matter if we win, and everybody loves us, or if we lose, and everybody’s kind of down on us, you just got to focus on how can I get myself better and prepare for that next game. I think if you do that, that puts everything where you can kind of in perspective where you can go out there and just be the best you; you can be.”

The mentality has led to many successful seasons since Mahomes took over as the starting quarterback. Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills is a must-win regarding positioning in the AFC post-season race.


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