Patrick Mahomes finally speaks up on his reaction to the Chiefs’ loss – “I regret how I acted toward Josh Allen”

The fallout from the Kansas City Chiefs’ loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday continued into Monday, as NFL fans, analysts, and players debated several controversial aspects of the Chiefs’ 20-17 defeat. Most notably, quarterback Patrick Mahomes was scrutinized for a fourth-quarter meltdown that began with a controversial penalty on receiver Kadarius Toney and continued after the game, when he greeted opposing signal-caller Josh Allen.

“Wildest f***ing call I’ve ever seen,” Mahomes told Allen, practically brushing past him. “Offensive offsides, f***ing terrible.”

Mahomes has had a day to cool off following Kansas City’s third defeat in four games, and on Monday, he was ready to admit some mistakes he made — especially in how he spoke to Allen.
Mahomes apologizes: My interaction with Allen didn’t set a great example

Speaking on 610 Sports in Kansas City, Mahomes told host Carrington Harrison that in reflecting on the disappointing home loss to the Bills, he realized that he didn’t treat Allen fairly when the two quarterbacks greeted one another after the clock expired.

“More than anything, I regret the way I acted towards Josh after the game,” Mahomes said. “Because he had nothing to do with it. I was still hot and emotional, but you can’t do that, man. It’s not a great example for kids watching the game.”

Mahomes was incensed over an offsides call on Toney that wiped out what would have been a go-ahead touchdown for the Chiefs. Replays clearly showed that Toney was lined up off the line of scrimmage, and the call was the correct one, but Mahomes’ anger seemed to know no bounds. He was captured screaming at officials for much of the game’s final moments.
Mahomes fell victim to the heat of competition

It seems as if every showdown between Mahomes and Allen produces fireworks. The two quarterbacks have split all six of their matchups, but Mahomes has won the big ones — both postseason meetings between the Chiefs and the Bills in Kansas City.

Perhaps the two quarterbacks will meet again in January, especially as the Bills are now just one game behind the Chiefs in the AFC standings. But Mahomes is intent on correcting his behavior and channeling his emotions more productively in coming weeks — which should be a big boost to a Kansas City team that has lost sight of the details in recent games.

“I love this game. I love my teammates,” Mahomes said Monday. “I want to go out there, put everything on the line to win. But obviously can’t do (what he did Sunday). Can’t be that way towards officials or really anybody in life.”


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