Patrick Mahomes losing support and generates concern – Julian Edelman Explains why…

Patrick Mahomes' gives

Former New England Patriots star and FOX NFL analyst Julian Edelman expressed skepticism about the Kansas City Chiefs’ performance, stating he “can’t put money” on Patrick Mahomes and the team in the playoffs.

Edelman shared his views, raising concerns about the Chiefs’ offensive struggles and their inability to secure a higher seed in the AFC playoffs.

“Right now I do not believe they will [bounce back],” Edelman told Fox NFL Kickoff.

“If they do will it surprise me? Absolutely not because you have Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid.

“We’re at the point of the season where you are what you are.

“They consistently haven’t been getting play out of their skill positions on offence.

“They’ve got a great defence, the quarterback, the coach, but you need to be able to make plays if your name is not Kelce and right now they haven’t.

“Rashee Rice has been developing something week after week and getting production but right now, these drops, it’s starting to add up.

“If it happens and they find a way to get it done it wouldn’t surprise me but right now I can’t put my money on it.”

Despite the Chiefs clinching their eighth straight AFC West title with a victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, Edelman emphasized the team’s disjointed offense and six losses in the season.

Kansas City, as the No 3 seed, will have to play on the road in the postseason for the first time after hosting the last five AFC Championship Games at Arrowhead Stadium.


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