Patrick Mahomes mind blowing gift to South Connellsville woman surprised All fans

SOUTH CONNELLSVILLE — Charlotte Holt, 91, is an avid Steelers fan — and loves Patrick Mahomes.

The South Connellsville woman bleeds Pittsburgh black and gold but she’s a big fan of Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs’ two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback.

“I don’t know, I just like him,” Charlotte said in her living room, attired in a Chiefs sweatshirt — made by her daughter Dawn Ward — and flanked by black-and-gold balloons in support of the Steelers and red balloons for Mahomes.

Last week, Charlotte received a surprise, thanks to Rebecca’s determination.

The Chiefs sent Charlotte a Mahomes-themed care package that included a signed photo, signed collector card and certificate.

“I contacted them multiple times,” Rebecca said. “I told them her story. She was a 91-year-old hospice patient and loved Patrick Mahomes.”

Rebecca also contacted the Steelers, who sent Charlotte a sticker.

Charlotte said she’s not sure why she likes Mahomes.

“I just think he’s nice,” she said, adding she remembers when Mahomes first started to play for the Chiefs.

Charlotte said it is easy to single out Mahomes because he always wears a bandana.

“He just seems like a nice guy,” she said.

Last week, the Steelers and Chiefs played at the same time, so the family kept flipping channels to keep track of the two teams.

Even though Charlotte knew the package was coming, she was still excited and surprised, daughter Jackie Bartholomai said.

“She was on the BiPap machine, and before we could get her off, she was ripping the package open,” Jackie said.

BiPap machines push air into the lungs to help people breathe.

Rebecca said she had told Charlotte about the package.

“I just can’t keep a secret,” Rebecca said.

Jackie said she was almost in tears when she saw how excited her mom was with the special gift.

“It meant so much to her,” she said.

If ever the Steelers play the Kansas City Chiefs, Charlotte will have a problem, Jackie said.

“Patrick always wins,” Charlotte piped in.

Charlotte is the mother of three daughters and two sons. Her late husband, Donald, was a Steelers fan.

She said some question her infatuation with the Chiefs’ quarterback, but she tells them she’s 91 and she can like whoever she wants.

She’s quick to add that if Mahomes wasn’t playing for the Chiefs, she wouldn’t be watching their games. If he leaves the Chiefs, she’ll follow him, she said.

“The best scenario would be if he would come to the Steelers,” Jackie said.

“Maybe they would start winning then,” Charlotte quipped.


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