Patrick Mahomes’ mother strongly defend her son as Braun Strowman attack Patrick

patrick mahomes with the ball

patrick Mahomes is living the high life at the moment as he is widely regarded as the best quarterback in the NFL, he was named in TIME’s 100 Most Influential People of 2024, and now he has made a WWE Raw appearance.

Mahomes visited the Spirit Center for Monday Night Raw in Kansas City and Chiefs teammates Creed Humphrey and Trey Smith were also with him.

The quarterback was there to aid Logan Paul and he even gave him his three Super Bowl rings to help beat Jey USO.

Strowman takes issue with Mahomes
WWE star Braun Strowman was also there and there appeared to be an altercation between Strowman and Mahomes.

There was a heated conversation as Strowman confronted Mahomes for siding with Paul. Mahomes’ Chiefs teammates were there to back him up but it was Jey USO who eventually split everyone up.

Randi Mahomes was well aware of what happened and she took to X, saying: “Well well well.. Hmmm.”

Mahomes’ teammates also used X to continue the beef.

“Don’t go barkin up the wrong tree!” Creed Humphrey warned Strowman.


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