Patrick Mahomes on Chiefs being the NFL villain – explains hate from opponent’s fans- “I saw 40,000 middle fingers on the way into the stadium”

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs have emerged as the new villains of the NFL, following their dominant performance in recent seasons. With four Super Bowl appearances in the last five years and three victories, the Chiefs have solidified their status as the league’s top team.

As they aim for their third consecutive Super Bowl win, the Chiefs are embracing their role as the league’s most formidable team, further solidifying their status as NFL villains.

Mahomes on Chiefs being the NFL villains

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Mahomes has led the team to a new era of dominance reminiscent of the New England Patriots with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. In a recent episode of the Impaulsive Podcast, Mahomes discussed the moment he realized the Chiefs had become the NFL’s new villains, citing a pivotal playoff game against the Buffalo Bills.

“This year, definitely, was the more villain-type role for the whole team,” Mahomes said.

“I don’t think I really realized it-I heard people talking and obviously social media, there’s people always talking-so I didn’t know how real it was until I got to Buffalo this year.

“I think I saw 40,000 middle fingers on the way into the stadium. They were ready to go. We go out there and win, I’m trying to hand my headband and sleeve off to a kid, and snowballs are just flying at me.


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