Patrick Mahomes secretly teaches Jordan Love No Look Passes and Other Cool Plays in His Playing Style

Patrick Mahomes gives an unexpected advantage to his enemies - Reveals his

Patrick Mahomes‘ Mr. Cool playing style is hard to miss, and his no-look passes are the stuff of legends. While the reigning Super Bowl champ already has a trail of fans, opponents are also not averse to his style. In a recent address on the ‘Aleda Collective‘ Podcast, the 25-year-old Packers quarterback Jordan Love mentioned that despite having been an understudy to Aaron Rodgers’, he tries to inculcate Mahomes’ style.

It is not uncommon for young talents to be affected by the current Super Bowl champion, Patrick Mahomes. His arm’s length, adaptability, and unexpected plays add to his status in the league. Recognizing and wanting to replicate them, Love has established some qualities to look up to. He revealed,

“I think the way he plays the position, you know, the creativity he has at the quarterback position is awesome…the different arm angles and throws and no-look passes and just the crazy cool plays that he makes is something that you know, I look up to. “

Patrick Mahomes relies on throws making some off-platform passes even while scrambling to startle the defenders. While Jordan Love could be building on his style, his status as a quarterback also saw an upliftment with a debut playoff win against the Dallas Cowboys.

Jordan Love’s Evolution As a Unique Player

Jordan Love joined the league after the 2020 NFL Draft as the 26th overall pick in the first round. While his selection brought shock to the media and MVP Aaron Rodgers, his journey since then has been a rocky one. Cut to 2023, Love’s fate saw a turnaround as he defeated the Chicago Bears with an over 10-point victory in his opening game. While his accession up the ladder is no news, he is certainly gaining traction after his debut playoff win and near-perfect passer rating in the high-stakes game.

In his address, while Jordan Love initially admitted to cherishing Patrick Mahomes’ style, he later took a different stance calling each one ‘their own player’.

“I don’t think about it too much. I try not to compare myself to other players, you know, we all talk about that because everyone at the end of the day is their own player and do things a little bit differently. But yeah, Patrick Mahomes is a phenomenal player.”
Love is undoubtedly the up-and-coming star who has newfound attention directed his way. As he sees an increase in his stature with an updated $22.5 million incentive-laden one-year contract extension for 2024, more insights about his journey will continue to interest fans and followers.


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