Patrick Mahomes shows new behavior toward Chiefs teammates after they win without him and Travis Kelce

Entering Super Wild Card weekend, the first round of the NFL Playoffs, Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes seems to have the energyof a new man. Or maybe, he just needed a week away from all the pressure.
Watch Mahomes get loud after Chiefs win without him

The 2023 season brought many struggles for the Chiefs, who captured their eighth straight AFC West title with an 11-6 record. However, Mahomes and his offense were a level below dominant Chiefs teams of the past, and he was unable to hide his frustration about it on several occasions.

His positive message in the locker room after Kansas City beat the Los Angeles Chargers looked different from the angry, finger pointing quarterback that showed up in previous games this season, like against the Raiders, Bills and Eagles

“Great job today,” he said to his teammates who secured the win, in a video posted on the team’s Instagram. “But now it’s time to f—–g go!”
Tyreek Hill has a chance to haunt his old team

With Mahomes and Travis Kelce resting, the Chiefs locked up a home game on Super Wild Card weekend against the Miami Dolphins.

In their first step to a second straight Super Bowl, they will have to face former teammate Tyreek Hill. His departure added scrutiny to Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense this season, as Kelce faced more double teams, they lacked downfield threat and the other receivers struggled with drops.

The Chiefs’ saving grace against Hill may be the weather. Snow storms and single-digit temperatures are expected in Kansas City this week, which could reduce the importance of the passing game for both teams.


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