Patrick Mahomes surprises Missouri teen fan With Mind Blowing Gift Just Before the Super Bowl – Mahomes Keeps fans Amazed

Patrick Mahomes Surprise Gift to Young Mexican Fan Who Traveled to Watch his Game With Grand Gesture

Thirteen-year-old Isaac Murdock was surpised with tickets to the Super Bowl by Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

“Yeah I still think about it every day, and it’s just the coolest thing ever,” Isaac said.

The eighth grader from Lee Summit has only been to one Chiefs preseason game before.

Originally, Isaac received only two tickets for the game, so he had to choose who he wanted to go with until something else surprised him.

“Our church actually surprised us with two more ticket,n and so then now all four of us are able to go,” Isaac said. “It just feels super awesome that it’s obviously a one in a lifetime experience and that we can all actually do it together.”


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