Patrick Mahomes, Wife Brittany Mocked by haters Over Son’s Birthday Party

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes put together an NFL field for their son Bronze’s first birthday, but people are mocking the couple for their choice of colors.

Brittany Mahomes is an American sports team owner and the wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The couple welcomed Bronze into the world on November 28, 2022, and on Wednesday, Brittany Mahomes shared pictures of the extravagant first birthday party the pair organized for him on her Instagram account.

“My baby boy is ONE,” Brittany Mahomes captioned the post. The party featured balloon arches, a ball pit, a Build-a-Bear workshop and football-themed finishing touches. Bronze could also be seen wearing a white onesie that read “1st Down.”

However, commenters couldn’t help but point out that there seemed to be a lot of green, silver, black and white, which are present in the logo of the Philadelphia Eagles. In comparison, the Chiefs’ colors are red, white and gold.

“Why are his balls eagles colors??? Is that the theme??” one person asked. “It looks like a sweet party but there is a lot of Eagles green. I’m sure that was an oversight. Haha,” commented another. “Adorable!! So glad you chose my team’s colors… Eagles!! Just kidding. Looks like a wonderful celebration!” a third person wrote. A fourth added: “Eagles colors!! Go birds.”

Neither parent has revealed the reason behind their color choice. Newsweek contacted a Brittany Mahomes representative for comment over email Friday.

The color palette was an interesting decision considering the history between the Eagles and the Chiefs. The Super Bowl LVII, which was to determine the champion of the National Football League in February 2023, saw the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Philadelphia Eagles by 38-35. Then, in the two teams’ highly anticipated Super Bowl rematch on November 20, the Chiefs lost 17–21.

Considered one of the biggest NFL games of the season, Chiefs fans believe that 28-year-old Patrick Mahomes, considered by many to be the greatest quarterback of his generation, is being let down by a lack of good wide-receivers to pass to as a variety of his passes were dropped.

However, after the game, a surprising moment went viral when the internet couldn’t stop talking about a kiss between the quarterback and his wife.

Ahead of the Eagles vs. Chiefs game, Patrick Mahomes dashed off the field to embrace his wife at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium. Brittany Mahomes gave her husband a kiss and a hug, but as he trotted back toward his teammates, the football star was caught wiping his mouth, leaving the internet in hysterics.

The footage of the kiss was uploaded to X—the social network formerly known as Twitter—by ESPN, where it received more than 1.6 million views.

“Wipes the kiss off,” one person commented, while another wrote: “And promptly wipes his mouth off.”

Other users were touched by the sweet exchange, with one user writing: “Lovely moment.”

Another added: “Sweet moment for Mahomes and Matthews, congrats on the second ring!”


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