Prince Harry causes stir with shocking reunion plans with King Charles Amid long royal rift

Prince Harry is planning bombshell move in a desperate bid to reconcile with his father King Charles following years of estrangement.

Speaking to Closer magazine, an insider dished on the Duke of Sussex’s plans for another trip to the UK after receiving cold shoulder from the 75-year-old monarch as well as brother Prince William.

He is said to be planning to abruptly show up at a royal residence, leading to the King be forced to face his younger son.

“He’s convinced that if he gives them a true and heartfelt apology, they won’t be able to stay angry with him,” the source shared.

However, people in his life, including wife Meghan Markle are against the idea of “throwing himself” at the royals’ faces, as per the source.

The Spare author previously flied to his homeland for a whistle-stop trip to celebrate 10 years of the Invictus Games last month, where he was completely iced out by the royal family.

“The odds that his family is going to suddenly change their tune just because Harry shows up in person are not high, to say the least. He’s been over there already and couldn’t get the time of day from any of them, not even his dad, so it’s hard to understand why he thinks this trip is going to be different,” they wondered.

“Following protocol and waiting for their invite would be a much more advisable route to take. But Harry is tired of waiting and won’t be talked out of this plan. He’s consumed with the idea that he can throw himself at his family’s feet and fix this feud,” the insider added.


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