Prince Harry’s desperate move to save relationship with King Charles and brother William

Things are looking bleak between the three right now

The British Royal Family has endured a very complicated and dramatic recent few years and Prince Harry has been largely at the center of it.

The younger brother has been somewhat estranged from the family recently he relented all royal duties and moved to the United States of America with wife Meghan Markle and their children.

He flies in for the occasional event such as the Invictus Games and then jets out again, with constant arguments over what level of security protection he should receive given he is not a working royal anymore.

It has been revealed by Radar Online that in 2021, Harry arranged meeting between himself, his brother Prince William, and the now King Charles III.

It was a secret meeting and the aim was to work out how the family should proceed with one another, and the meeting took place a month after Harry and Meghan had done their controversial Oprah Winfrey interview which caused a media storm around the family.

When travelling to the UK to attend Prince Philip’s funeral, Harry spotted the opportiunity to have a meeting with som family members and set some things straight.

His memoir Spare explains how nervous he was leading up to the meeting and the ‘menacing’ look that William and Charles had on their faces.

The nervous meeting

Prince Harry’s greeting to his family members, affectionately calling them ‘Willy’ and ‘Pa,’ was met with a cold response, with both William and Charles addressing him by his formal name, “Harold.”

In his book, the duke wrote: “I rose from the wooden bench, made a tentative step towards them, gave a weak smile. They didn’t smile back. Now my heart really started thrashing in my chest. Deep breaths, I told myself. Apart from fear, I was feeling a kind of hyper-awareness, and a hugely intense vulnerability, which I’d experienced at other key moments of my life. Walking behind my mother’s coffin. Going into battle for the first time. Giving a speech in the middle of a panic attack.

“There was that same sense of embarking on a quest, and not knowing if I was up to it, while also fully knowing that there was no turning back. That Fate was in the saddle,” he continued.

“‘OK, Mummy,’ I thought, picking up the pace, here goes. ‘Wish me luck.’ We met in the middle of the path. Willy? Pa? Hello. Harold. Painfully tepid.”


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