Prince Harry’s ‘Kate Middleton remarks’ coming back: ‘Painful place’

Prince Harry must be in a tough spot after criticising Kate Middleton in his memoir, ‘Spare.’

The Duke of Sussex, who has kept mum as his sister-in-law goes through cancer treatment, is regretting his raw book from 2023.

Speaking about Harry, Dr Tessa Dunlop says: “When you do discover that your sister-in-law has cancer and you’ve written stuff that can’t be retracted, that’s quite a painful place to be in,” royal expert Tessa Dunlop said. “I’m not saying it isn’t.”

The expert adds how Harry and wife Meghan Markle are used to mocking the monarchy.

“They deliberately criticise the monarchy [and then offer] themselves as an alternative to monarchy. So then when the monarchy is in trouble, we do kind of make a comparison. Can Harry and Meghan really hold themselves off as the caring example now?”

She added: “They’re certainly going to have to be careful of their timing with any releases so that it doesn’t look opportunistic.”


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